Cellular Tablets Laptops and iPads

Some Mobile Devices have built in cellular cards and have the capability of connecting to a cellular network.

Where possible, we advise the use of tethering to a mobile phone before adding independent service to an iPad or other Mobile Device.

Requesting New Service

Please submit the following device information in a request to ITS:

  • Serial Number:
  • SIM or ICCID:
  • Device ID / IMEI:
  • Employee name & Department:
  • Department Account Number (i.e. Foapal) to charge:
  • Person to whom bills are forwarded:

WPI allows community members to access WPI email from mobile devices.

Please note: WPI provides the ability to remotely wipe all data from a connected mobile device in the event it is stolen, lost, or compromised. A remote wipe can be executed by the WPI account owner or requested through the Service Desk.

Backup of personal data on any mobile device is the responsibility of the device holder.

WPI Info
What is your Affiliation with WPI?

Include details such as which device(s), your location (on or off campus), how long the issue has been ocurring.