Eduroam Usage for WPI Account Holders

WPI account holders may use eduroam network services at participating institutions.

WPI Community members who have installed WPI wireless certificates will have eduroam configured on their device. This will allow a connection to wireless networks at participating eduroam institutions without obtaining additional credentials.

Prior to leaving WPI:

  • eduroam must be configured on your device
    • eduroam is automatically configured when connecting to WPI wireless (see Action)
    • eduroam is *not* automatically configured on ITS-managed computers joined to the ADMIN domain. Install the needed certificates by connecting to WPI wireless (see Action)
  • WPI username and password must be known
  • WPI credentials and/or account must be active (not expired or disabled)

Note: Because you will use your WPI credentials, the participating institution you are visiting will be unable to provide support for user credential issues.

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