Use Qualtrics

Information about Qualtrics login and sending email surveys


  • Qualtrics login requires WPI username and password
  • WPI's instance of Qualtrics can be found using the Login to Qualtrics Action (on right).

First Time Qualtrics Login:

The first time you access Qualtrics, after entering your WPI credentials you will be prompted with a screen indicating This seems to be the first time you are logging in to Qualtrics.

Select I don't have a Qualtrics account to proceed.

Sending Email Surveys:

When distributing a survey via the Qualtrics Email Survey feature, the From Email Address option cannot be changed, although it appears to be an editable field. If the From Email Address is changed, and the message is sent, an error message will be displayed.

Instead, use the Reply-To field with your WPI email address to direct replies there.

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