VPN Client Configuration for Windows

Installation and configuration of the Pulse Secure Client on Windows computers.

The preferred method for connecting to the WPI VPN is via the Pulse Secure Client. After you have installed and launched Pulse Secure, you can add a new connection profile by following these steps:

  1. Click on the plus sign next to the "Connect" label
  2. Select "UAC or SSL-VPN" for the type option
  3. Type in "Default VPN" for the Name option
  4. Type in https://vpn.wpi.edu for the Server URL option
  5. Click the Add button to save the profile

The profile you just added should appear in the menu on the main screen. You can click on the connect button, and it should take you through the login process. Be sure to use your full email address as your login.


The VPN is not used for on-campus connections to the WPI network.

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