When to complete an IT Access Request for Student Workers form

This form is needed to request student employee access for:
  • Computer restrictions by location and/or time
  • Departmental business network shares with Personal Identifiable Information (PII), sensitive information, confidential business data
  • Banner Production
  • Other specialized department systems
This form is not needed to:
  • Access department network shares ending in _ws (Note: these shares should not contain PII, sensitive or confidential data)
  • Continue current student employee access to the next semester. Continue access using Request Help to submit request prior to expiration at semester's end:
Current Access Expires Contact IT During To Continue Access for
A + B Terms End of the last week of B term December C + D Terms
C + D Terms End of the last week of D term April Summer Term
Summer Term Last week before A term August A + B Terms


  • Student WPI username
  • Student WPI ID #
  • Approvals from Supervisor, Information Analyst
  • Submit one form per student