Here are some tips and resources to help show care for your computer.

If you love your data, back it up!

Through Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive, one terabyte of cloud file storage is available to WPI account holders.

Valentine, I will follow you to the ends of the earth, even off-campus!

Access the Eduroam network to connect from numerous participating libraries and schools worldwide.

Set up the WPI Virtual Private Network (VPN) client for off-campus usage of WPI resources such as Autodesk suite, Solidworks, and much more.

Roses are red, violets are blue, internet links need TLC too!

Hover on links before you click. If the address is not legitimate or familiar - don't click! These legitimate links have more information about preventing malware and phishing:

With character limits, shortened web links have become common. Use a link extender to check the full path for short links.

Show your computer you care by keeping it healthy.

Don't insert random USBs in your computer; you don't know where they have been and whether they contain viruses.

It's important to keep your computer healthy with current system patches, anti-virus software, and a firewall. Organized crime develops new exploits even faster than you can eat a box of Valentine chocolates. Update system patches and anti-virus software on a weekly basis. Traps is deployed on ITS-managed WPI computers. Windows Defender is one option for personal devices.