Over the coming summer, Information Technology Services will upgrade the labs and classroom computers, including podium systems, to Office 2016 and Windows 10 ahead of the 2018 academic year to better support the annual upgrades to software and hardware.

Office 2016 allows for expansion of Office 365 features for us to utilize in the future. We will deploy Office 2016 for either a PC or Mac to faculty/staff workstations on July 10, 2017. To upgrade prior to July 10, you may follow the self-installation instructions below to upgrade your own system.

Moving to Windows 10 is necessary at this time, as new hardware no longer supports Windows 7. Additionally, Windows 10 options allow for deploying software and services to labs and desktops more efficiently.

Office 2016 Deployment Plan

Type of System Timing Notes
Faculty/Staff Workstations July 10, 2017 - Starting at 10:00 PM Office 2016 will be deployed overnight to all Windows systems.
Lab Systems Prior to A Term Office 2016 will deployed to Public Labs as part of the Windows 10 image rollout
Terminal Servers Prior to A Term Terminal Servers will be upgraded to include Office 2016 as part of the A term preparation.
Mac OS Systems Any Time per Self Installation See deployment options below for Office 2016 for Mac installation

Windows 10 Deployment Plan

Type of System Timing Notes
Timing Notes Lab Systems Prior to A Term Lab Systems will be upgraded with new images as part of A term preparation.
Classroom Podium Systems Prior to A Term Podium Systems will be upgraded with new images as part of A term preparation.
Faculty/Staff Existing Systems Existing Faculty/Staff systems will remain on their current Operating System until replacement.
Faculty/Staff New Systems Employee workstations incorporate a more varied pool of software and additional testing will be needed before it replaces Windows 7 as the default operating system for new workstations.

Office 2016 Self-installation Options

If you would prefer to upgrade your system prior to July 10, you may use one of the self-installation options:

Network Install

This method may be used for campus and personal machines, but will need to connect with the WPI network every 6 months to renew its license.

Online Store

Employees and students can use this method for a personally owned computer to purchase a permanent license for Office 2016.

New Computers

All new computers or reimaged computers have Office 2016 for Windows/Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any file format changes moving from older versions of Office to Office 2016?
A: There are no changes to the file format compatibility between Office 2016 and previous versions such as Office 2013, 2011 for Mac, and 2010.
Q: How can I learn about the new features in Office 2016?
A: The eBook collection, Books 24x7, contains various resources on Office 2016. Use your WPI username and password to authenticate to view most eBook collections.
Q: What if my WPI-owned computer is powered off or off-campus during the Campus Rollout on July 10?
A: Your system will be scheduled for installation when you next turn on your system. You may also install it manually ahead of the July 10 deployment date using one of the self-installation methods above.
Q: Will my software run on Windows 10?
A: In general, most software that ran on Windows 7 should run on Windows 10. We are in the process of testing all lab software for compatibility.