Note: If your device was previously registered on the WPI network, it must be removed prior to joining WPI Self Service Wireless.

  1. Connect to the WPI-Open wireless network
  2. If you are not redirected, visit from your device
  3. Choose "I need a Guest Pass". Enter required information, accept the terms of use, and click Register
  4. Your mobile device should receive a text that says:
      WPI-Open Self-Serve Guest
      Password: SIX-DIGIT-PASSWORD
      Expires: DATE-24-HOURS-IN-THE-FUTURE
      Powered by WPI Network Operations
  6. Return to your device and login using the username/password from the text message
  7. If you closed the window, you can return to and click "Login to Guest Wireless (Unsecure)"
  8. The guest access will expire 24 hours from the date created