Online Safety

Steps to Simplify Online Safety - Week 1

Everyone can take some simple actions to protect themselves online and to recover in the event a cyber incident occurs.

Cybersecurity at WPI

Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone's Business - Week 2

Creating a culture of cybersecurity is critical for all organizations - large and small businesses, academic institutions, non-profits, and government agencies - and must be a shared responsibility among all members.

Personal Information Security

Personal Info Fuels Smart Devices - Week 3

Smart cities, connected devices, digitized records, as well as smart cars and homes have become a new reality. Your sensitive, personal information is the fuel that makes smart devices work.

Cybersecurity and Careers

The Internet Wants YOU: Consider a Career in Cybersecurity - Week 4

Information about how cybersecurity impacts your career preparation and searches.

Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure

Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats - Week 5

The essential systems that support our daily lives are all dependent upon the Internet. Building resilience in critical infrastructure is crucial to our national security. This week highlights the roles the public can play in keeping it secure.


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