• Active WPI Account
  • R: drive mapped to \\\HOME\My_Documents
  • Must be a local administrator to install
  • Additional Requirements for Students:

    • Signed SAS license Agreement (Obtained from ITS Service Desk)
    • Completed form brought to the ITS Service Desk

Install Instructions:

  1. Navigate to \\\software\SAS\9.4-TS1M4
  2. Right Click on the install-SAS94.bat file and choose "Run as Administrator"
  3. Note:

    • This install may take 3 hours or more
    • Do not move on to the next step until the install from step 2 is complete
  4. Navigate to \\\software\SAS
  5. Right Click on the ReplaceSASv9cfg.lnk file and choose "Run as Administrator"
  6. Make sure you have your R: drive mapped to \\\home\my_documents
  7. Double click on SASconfig011218.lnk
  8. Open SAS to confirm installation