Accessing Workday

  • Mobile App: The Workday app available for download thru your mobile device's store
  • WPI Portal

Workday Features

Icon Name Description
The Workday Inbox Icon Inbox The place where tasks requiring your action reside. In Workday, the Inbox icon on the top right is the easiest path to see this list of tasks. To the greatest extent possible, tasks in your inbox should be addressed immediately. Failure to act, can result in missed payment(s) to employees.
The Workday Notification icon Notifications The Bell icon on the top right provides a list of notifications delivered to you. These messages are informational only and do not require any action on your part.
The Workday Related actions / Twinkie Icon Related Actions Icon The icon with three dots which appears next to many elements in Workday. It indicates that there are Related Actions which may be available to you. Click on the icon in order to view the available actions. This icon is also referred to as the Twinkie or Dot-dot-dot.
The Workday Search icon Search Like many online tools, you can search Workday best with partial words. In the top left Search area you can enter partial words in order to most quickly find a person, workgroup, etc. For example, to find Laurie Leshin you need only type "Lau Les", wait for the results to appear, then select with a click.