Some software deployment and removal can be performed through an application called the Software Center, which is automatically installed on ITS-managed WPI computers. Once opened, Software Center displays the programs that are available to install. Software availability is determined by WPI ITS.


  • Active WPI account
  • WPI ITS-managed domain-joined computer

Install Software

  1. Use Windows Search to find Software Center.
  2. Open Software Center.
  3. On the Applications tab, select the application then click Install.
  4. The application appears in the Installation Status tab as it begins installing, with the percentage indicating progress. Software Center can be closed; installation will continue.
  5. Once installation is complete, the Installation Status tab will display the application as Installed and the application should appear in the Start Menu.

Uninstall Software

  1. Use Windows Search to find Software Center.
  2. Open Software Center.
  3. Click on the Installation Status tab.
  4. Select the software to be uninstalled, then click the Uninstall button.
  5. The Installation Status window will display the software removing.

Required Updates

  • Required updates are delivered via Software Center.
  • Up to the required date, the computer operator can follow the prompts to determine when to perform the update.
  • Updates will be installed automatically after their required date has passed.
  • If an on-campus computer is powered off, the updates will be delivered when powered on.
  • If a computer is off-campus, the updates will be delivered when powered on and connected via the Virtual Private Network (VPN) or returned to campus and connected to the WPI network.


If you are still unable to install software, or if you need specific assistance with Software Center, please contact the ITS Service Desk, including the following information:

  • Computer Name
  • Name of software that failed to install
  • The exact content of any error message you may have received