Many benefits of launching Office 365 at WPI include:

  • Improved collaboration tools such as O365 Outlook for the Web, Teams, and Planner
  • Improved ability to store, access, and share files using OneDrive
  • Improved mobile capability using Office 365 apps for mobile devices
  • A new interface for the WPI Community to access critical academic and business tools like O365, Salesforce, eProjects and soon to come: Workday

As IT rolls out Office 365 (O365), new apps and features will enable mobile access and collaboration. This guide contains some basic information as well as links to more detailed instructional resources.

Office 365

Office 365 is accessed via the WPI Portal; use your WPI username and password to login. Applications are available to enable collaboration and access via various platforms and devices.


O365 OneDrive

Store, edit, and co-author numerous file types using various browsers, mobile apps, or desktop apps

O365 Teams

Collaboration tool including messaging, file sharing, Group email. Can use additional apps, such as Planner


Create new plans, assign and sort tasks, and share files with others

Frequently Asked Questions

What apps will I see?
The August 23 launch includes OneDrive, Teams, and Planner. O365 Outlook for the Web is already in use at WPI. These apps will appear in the O365 App Launcher now. As additional apps are rolled out, IT will update the community and they will become available in the App Launcher.
Can I still use Outlook and Office on my computer to access my mail and files?
Yes, you can continue to use our existing version of Outlook and Office. O365 offers new functionality for collaboration and file sharing.
Can I still use my current network drives for files?
Yes, you can continue to use your network drives. OneDrive is optional.
Can I store sensitive information in OneDrive?
No, you can't store any sensitive data that falls under WPI's Restricted Usage class. For more details, please see WPI's Data Classification Policy.