• WPI username and password
  • GraphPad License Group Access


Prior to installation, you must request access to the GraphPad Prism license by reaching out to Site administrators will add your WPI Email Address to the License Group. An email will be sent to your WPI Email address with additional instructions.


  1. Open smb://
  2. Copy the GraphPad folder onto your machine's desktop
  3. Run the InstallPrism8.dmg installer
  4. Drag Prism 8 into the Applications folder
  5. Open the Applications folder and run Prism 8
  6. Copy the Serial Number from the GraphPad email you received into the Serial Number field
  7. Register your device - plug in your WPI Email Address and name. You will receive another email with an Activation Code.
    If you do not use your WPI Email Address, the installation will fail.
  8. Enter the Activation Code you received in your mail
  9. Accept the Software License Agreement
  10. Select Finished