• Active WPI account
  • 4 weeks are required for requests - requests made in less time cannot be guaranteed to be completed.
  • Requests only for Public Spaces - computer labs, terminal servers, podium computers, etc.


There are two ways to enter the software title you are requesting:

Option 1:

Use the current software in the Software Catalog

  • Type in the text box.
  • Existing Software Titles will populate into the field.
  • Select the Software Title.
  • Be sure to add in the desired version

Option 2:

Select I'm having trouble finding the software I need...

  • Free hand the desired software you are requesting.
  • Be sure to include the desired version.
  • Any additional notes about the software configuration or needs can be included in the text box as well.


  • Yes, I have a license: If you or your department have purchased licensing for a software.  
  • No, I will need one: If software does not appear in the Software Catalog, and is not free software.
  • I don't know / I am unsure: If you are unsure if WPI has licensing or if licensing is require for the software.


  • Select the time with which the software will be required.
  • You can only choose ONE option.
  • Once a software is installed for the Academic Year, it stays on the machine until the end of the summer.
  • If the timing does not appear as an option, choose Other and use the text box.


  • Type in the text box.
  • Locations saved in our Locations will begin to populate
  •   Select Add Another Location.
  • You can add multiple locations in this field by repeating the above process

If your desired location does not exist (such as terminal servers), use the Special Locations text box.