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Finding a Project

Available project Opportunities are displayed within eProjects for:

  • HUA (Humanities and Arts)
  • MQP (Major Qualifying Project)
  • IQP (Interactive Qualifying Project)

The list may be narrowed by performing a full text search through the project descriptions or in combination with filters including area of study, academic year, and travel. Filters vary according to project type.

Viewing Project Details

Clicking on a project card displays details for a Project or Project Center. Information displayed varies according to project type, including, but not limited to:

  • Project or project center title and image
  • Description/overview
  • Required and preferred student skills and qualifications
  • Areas of study
  • Advisor contact information
  • Academic
  • Department
  • Sponsors
  • Team size
  • Academic term
  • Travel requirements
  • Continuing project
  • Indicator
  • Status
  • undefined
  • undefined