There are two license types for the Adobe Application Suite (Creative Cloud applications and Adobe Acrobat DC):

  1. Named User License
  2. Shared User License

Named User License


  • Active WPI Account
  • Employee Status
  • Request a Named User License by contacting the IT Service Desk

The Named User License is reserved for Employees (Faculty, Staff, Contingent) only. This method of licensing associates an Adobe Application Suite license to a user's WPI Account.


  • Individual WPI-Provisioned Workstations
  • Employee Personal Machines
    • Named Users can install and license the product suite to their personal machines

Note: You can only be signed into two machines concurrently. By logging into an Adobe application a third machine, one of your previous logins will be terminated, and you will have to log back into the Adobe suite on that machine.

Shared User License


  • Active WPI Account
  • Employee or Student Status

The Shared User License type is used for lab machines that multiple people access consistently. Employees and Students are automatically entitled and provisioned a Shared User License.


  • Public Computer Labs
  • Lab Machines
    • Multiple students conducting research or using a machine for project work

Note: Users with a Shared License will not be able to use a machine that has the Named User License version installed on the machine.