Machines running the Pulse Secure Client on Windows 10 (1709 and 1809) appear to have an incompatibility issue with two adapters. Pulse Secure will be releasing an update that resolves this issue in Spring 2020. In the meantime, IT recommends disabling the adapters.

Verify Windows Version

  1. Click on the Start Menu
  2. Search for and open "Settings"
  3. Open the "System" menu
  4. In the bottom right, open the "About" menu

The Windows version will appear in the Windows specifications section

Disable the Adapters

This must be completed while off-campus as a VPN Connection is required.

  1. Connect to WPI's VPN with the Pulse Secure Client
  2. Click on the Start Menu
  3. Search for and open "Settings"
  4. Open "Network & Internet"
  5. Choose "Change your adapter options":
    1. Right-click on "Wi-Fi"
      1. Choose "Properties"
      2. Uncheck "Juniper Network Service"
    2. Right-click on "Juniper Networks Virtual Adapter"
      1. Choose "Properties"
      2. Uncheck "Juniper Network Service"
  6. Restart your machine

If you continue to experience issues with VPN download speeds or access issues, contact ITS with the following information:

  • Device MAC Address
  • IP Address
  • Resource you're attempting to access
  • Date/time of attempted access