This article covers:

  1. Create Expense Report
  2. Itemize Your Expenses
  3. Reconcile a PCard
  4. Add Mobile Expenses

Additional Expense Report activities are in Actions.


Before You Begin

Login to your WPI Workday Account and click the Expenses worklet.

Create Expense Report

Multi-Item vs. Single Item
Please try to avoid submitting an expense report for a single item. The exceptions to this guideline are:  if you only had 1 PCard charge or expense in that month, or if you have a single, big ticket item.
  1. Under Actions click Create Expense Report.
  2. Ensure Create New Expense Report is selected.
  3. If applicable, edit the Expense Report Date and/or budget worktag. Fill in the overall Memo field and Business Purpose. Both fields are required.
    • On the Business Purpose line, if you click the Menu icon, you will see a menu to select from.
    • The Memo line is the title of the expense report. It should contain a detailed phrase that will make it easy to find this report if you need to refer back to it later. An example of a good expense report Memo is ASME Conference 2019, Louisville, KY.
  4. The budget worktags default to your department’s operating budget. If you are charging a different budget, delete all 3 parts of the operating budget worktag before entering a different worktag.
  5. If you have expenses on your mobile device or PCard charges to reconcile, you can add them at the bottom of this screen. You can also add them on the next screen.  Click OK.
  6. On the next screen, If you skipped the Memo and Business Purpose fields, you will see an error message reminding you to fill them in. Click Header, then Edit to fill them in. Then click Save to clear the error message.
  7. The Expense Lines area now starts with a blank screen. Click Add to add an expense. You can choose to add either:
    • Quick Expenses (from the Workday mobile app),
    • Credit Card Transactions (from the PCard),
    • New Expense.
  8. Fill out the first line item in the expense report. For the Expense Item line, you can type a word and press Enter, e.g., airfare. Enter the other required information for the Expense Item. For more information about Expense Items, please consult the Expense Items Glossary.
    • Business Reason is an open text field. Enter 1-2 words that apply to the Expense Item.
    • The expense item area has an Add button to add new lines. If you have items saved in the Workday mobile app, you can add them using the menu in the Linked Quick Expense field.
    • Itemization has an Add button to split expenses.
  9. Attach a receipt by drag and drop or clicking Select files.
  10. Click the Receipt Included box.
  11. If you need to delete a line item, click the line item, then click the trash can icon on the right.
  12. Repeat steps until all line items are entered into the expense report.
  13. Click Submit or Save for Later.
    • Note: The Close button closes the expense report without saving the expense line items.
    • To cancel an expense report:
    • Close the expense report. -OR- Locate the expense report. Search for the expense report number, or Go to the Expenses worklet, under View, click Expense Reports.
    • Use the Related Actions button to choose Cancel.

Once submitted, the expense report will be routed to the manager and/or Cost Center Manager who can approve, add additional approvers, or send the expense report back to you.

Employee receives a notification (bell icon) when the report has been approved. If sent back, the item will appear in the employee’s Workday’s Inbox (mail icon) for further actions.

Once approved, the expense report is sent to Accounts Payable, who can also approve, send back, add additional approvers, and processes the payments / reimbursements.

Itemize Your Expenses

Use this option to break out taxes when charging to a Grant or split an expense between two budgets.

Splitting Expenses
If you split the expenses between two or more cost centers, the expense report will be sent to their respective managers/departments for approval.
  1. Enter the expense item information and then under Itemization, click the Add button.
  2. Enter the details of how the item will be split. Itemized expenses must equal the total of the Expense Report Line.
    • Note: Add a Memo that reminds approvers of what the agreement was.
  3. When you are finished with the first line, scroll down to the next line to enter the information about the additional budget that will be paying for the expense item. Notice there are Remove and Add buttons at the bottom of every line. There is no limit on how many ways you can split an expense.
  4. When you are finished entering the information, scroll up to the top of the page. Verify the Remaining Amount to Itemize is 0.00 USD.
  5. When you are finished click Done to return to the expense report.
  6. Notice the icons that now appear on the line item column. The first rectangle with a jagged bottom means a receipt is attached. The second rectangle with 3 little horizontal lines mean the expense is itemized.
  7. Notice the worktags are (empty). After the expense report is submitted, approvers need to click the Itemize button to see details about who is paying for the expense.
  8. When you are done with your expense report, click Submit.

Reconcile a PCard

  1. From the Workday homepage, click the Expenses worklet.
  2. Click Create Expense Report.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of page and look for the Credit Card Transactions heading. You will see a table with all of your PCard transactions. 
  4. Select the one(s) you are reconciling and click OK.
  5. Notice there is a tiny credit card icon on each line item that is reconciling a PCard. Also notice the Credit Card Transaction and Charge Description autopopulated from Bank of America.
  6. Follow the directions from the Create Expense Report section to finish reconciling your PCard charges. 
  7. When you are finished entering information and uploading receipts, click Submit.

Add Mobile Expenses to Report

Use this when you have entered expenses into the Workday Mobile app and you want to add them to an expense report you are doing on a computer.

  1. Follow the directions for entering mobile expenses.
  2. There are two options for adding a mobile expense to your expense report:
    • Find it at the bottom of the first page of the Create Expense Report process (found in the same area as PCard transactions are found). Then click OK to continue your expense report.
    • Starting from the Expense Report Lines view, click Import Existing Record and your mobile expenses or PCard charges will appear. Select the one(s) you want to include on this report. 
  3. Finish the expense report by following the directions in the Create Expense Report section.