These instructions can be used to view Expense Reports, and change Expense Reports that are In Progress.

Before you begin:

Login to your WPI Workday Account and click the Expenses worklet.

View Existing Expense Report

  1. Start typing My Expense Report into the Workday search bar. When the suggestions menu appears, click My Expense Reports – Report.
  2. The filter default is to look for all of your expense reports in the last 2 months. If you need different search criteria, enter it, then click OK.
  3. Workday will create a list of your expense reports, based on the filter criteria you set.
  4. All of the column headers can be filtered. Click the column header, set your filter conditions, then click Filter. Your filtered list will appear.
  5. Click the Magnifying Glass icon for the expense report you want to view.

Change Expense Report

If an expense report is In Progress, you can update, edit, or make corrections.

Change Approved Expense Report
If the expense report is approved, please contact the Accounts Payable office about making corrections. 
  1. Follow the previous section’s directions on View Existing Expense Report.
  2. Find the expense report you want to modify and click the Change Expense Report button.
  3. You can then update and Submit the expense report.
  4. The updated expense report will be routed through the approval process again.