The following is the process for setting up WPI email on most Motorola Android phones:

  1. Open Applications
    • For older phones, navigate to My Accounts
    • For newer phones, navigate to Accounts
  2. In the Accounts window, select Add Account
  3. For the type of account, select Corporate Sync (Exchange ActiveSync)
  4. Enter the following information into the associated fields:
    • Email Address:
    • Password: Your WPI Password
    • Domain: leave domain blank
    • Username:
  5. Select Next
  6. Select Done

WPI allows community members to access WPI email from mobile devices.

Please note: WPI provides the ability to remotely wipe all data from a connected mobile device in the event it is stolen, lost, or compromised. A remote wipe can be executed by the WPI account owner or requested through the Service Desk.

Backup of personal data on any mobile device is the responsibility of the device holder.