This section gives the steps for setting up WPI email on most Sony Ericsson Android phones:

  1. Open Applications
  2. Scroll to and select one of the available mail clients available on your phone:
    1. Moxier Mail
    2. Navigate through any necessary set-up steps for the application until you see a page for your credentials
    3. Enter the following information into the associated fields:
      • Email Address:
      • User ID:
      • Password: Your WPI Password
    4. If you are prompted to enter the server, fill out the filed as follows:
      • Server:
  3. Make sure that the check box for Use secure connection (SSL) has a check mark
  4. Select the Next arrow
  5. If you see a "Security warning" window, select Continue
  6. Choose which settings you would like to allow for your email on your phone
  7. RoadSync
  8. Press the Options button
  9. Select Settings
  10. Select Settings again
  11. Select Server Settings
  12. Enter the following information into the associated fields:
    • User name:
    • Password: Your WPI Password
    • Server name:
    • Domain: leave domain blank
    • Use SSL: Yes

WPI allows community members to access WPI email from mobile devices.

Please note: WPI provides the ability to remotely wipe all data from a connected mobile device in the event it is stolen, lost, or compromised. A remote wipe can be executed by the WPI account owner or requested through the Service Desk.

Backup of personal data on any mobile device is the responsibility of the device holder.