Password Do's

  • Use random mixed cased letters and numbers
  • Add random characters or change case within a word, such as 'tIta9ic' or 'cOm#PuteR'
  • Create different passwords for differents systems or websites. If someone steals one of your passwords, they will not be able to access other systems.

Password Don'ts 

  • Don't use repeating combinations or series, such as '33333333', '45674567', or 'abcdefg'.
  • Don't use common dictionary words, by themselves.
  • Don't create a password that is easy to guess or observe.
  • Don't use a password that you currently use for other accounts or social media.
  • Don't use your username, your birthday or relative's birthdays, Social Security number, names of relatives, WPI building names, or street addresses.
  • Don't store your passwords in a text file or Word document.
  • Don't write your password on a piece of paper or Post-It note & store it nearby.

Remembering Passwords

Strong passwords can be difficult to remember. Consider using a passphrase instead. Passphrases are easier to remember since they contain a string of words. Examples of passphrases that adhere to the above requirements are:

  • SamHas2OfMySandwiches!
  • Network-Online-24-Hours?