Access Request for Student Workers

Used for student employees with existing accounts that need Banner or restricted access.

When to complete an IT Access Request for Student Workers form

This form is needed to request student employee access for:
  • Computer restrictions by location and/or time
  • Departmental business network shares with Personal Identifiable Information (PII), sensitive information, confidential business data
  • Banner Production
  • Other specialized department systems
This form is not needed to:
  • Access department network shares ending in _ws (Note: these shares should not contain PII, sensitive or confidential data)
  • Continue current student employee access to the next semester. Continue access using Request Help to submit request prior to expiration at semester's end:
Current Access Expires Contact IT During To Continue Access for
A + B Terms End of the last week of B term December C + D Terms
C + D Terms End of the last week of D term April Summer Term
Summer Term Last week before A term August A + B Terms


  • Student WPI username
  • Student WPI ID #
  • Approvals from Supervisor, Information Analyst
  • Submit one form per student
WPI Info
What is your Affiliation with WPI?

Include details such as which device(s), your location (on or off campus), how long the issue has been ocurring.