Configure your WPI SAS Environment

Instructions for pointing your existing SAS install to the correct server.


  • Active WPI Account
  • R: drive mapped to \\\HOME\My_Documents
  • Must be a local administrator to install

WPI public computer lab workstations are configured to look to your R drive for a SAS autoexec file.

If you need to modify a personal installation of SAS to look to your R drive for a SAS autoexec file navigate to:

  • \\\software\SAS\
  • Right click on ReplaceSASv9cfg.lnk and choose "Run as Administrator"

As of January 2018, SAS libraries and data files for coursework are located here: \\\academics\courses\MA\SAS-Data

To update your SAS environment to reference \\, navigate to:

  • \\\academics\courses\MA\SAS-Data\
  • Double-click the SASconfig011218.bat file

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