Cybersecurity at WPI

NCSAM Week 2 - Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone's Business

Creating a culture of cybersecurity is critical for all organizations - large and small businesses, academic institutions, non-profits, and government agencies - and must be a shared responsibility among all members.

  • Your WPI password is the first line of protection! Please have a unique password for WPI; do not use the same one you use for social media, online shopping, etc. If you think your password may be known to anyone besides yourself, reset it! Instructions are in Identity and Access Management Related Articles
  • Report all suspicious activity. If you notice something seems off or unusual with your computer, report it immediately to ITS.
  • Need to install software on your WPI computer? Consult with ITS to ensure the download site is reliable.
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Include details such as which device(s), your location (on or off campus), how long the issue has been ocurring.