Edit Project Center Membership in eProjects

Members can be added to and deleted from project centers by faculty and staff within eProjects. Membership enables management of the online Project Center information.


  • Login to eProjects 2.0 (see Actions for link)
  • WPI username and password
  • Appropriate Project Center Role, assigned by IGSD
  • WPI username(s) for the Member(s) to be added
  • Required fields are marked with a red * within eProjects

Who Can Add

Project Center Directors may add members

Member Benefits

Edit Project Center Information

Add Member

  1. Select Project Center
  2. On the Members tab click Add Member
  3. For Username enter the member's WPI username
  4. For Roles check one or more options
  5. Click Save

Edit Membership

  1. Select Project Center
  2. On the Members tab click the name of the Member
    • Adjust Roles: on the Edit Membership tab for Username check or uncheck one or more options
    • Delete: click Delete
  3. Click Save
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