Microsoft Teams

Setup Microsoft Teams and use it to screenshare or host a web conference.


Install the Microsoft Teams desktop application.

  1. Open Teams through the Access O365 for the Web action
  2. Click on the Get app button on the bottom left of the screen


To screenshare with someone through Teams:

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams application
  2. Navigate to the Chat section in the left column
  3. In the top bar, Search for the person you would like to screenshare with
  4. Send them a message to create a new conversation
  5. The person who is sharing the screen should select the Start sharing your screen button and select the screen they would like to share
  6. To give control, select Give control

Web Conferencing

To setup a web conferencing meeting through Teams:

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams application
  2. Navigate to the Teams section in the left column and select the appropriate team
  3. Below the conversation section, click the camera icon entitled Meet now
  4. Give your meeting a title
  5. Other members of the team will need the application open and should select Join
  6. Members can be added to the meeting by:
    1. Going to the top right of the meeting window and selecting the Show participants pane and add people button
    2. Enter the email address of the member that needs to be invited where it says Invite someone. They will need to have the Microsoft Teams application installed and open to join the meeting.



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