Project Center Project Setup within eProjects

Advisors of projects taking place at Project Centers use eProjects to add and edit details and membership


  • The project center has been created
  • You have been added as a member to the project center
  • eProjects login
  • WPI username and password

Project Center Project Setup

  1. Login to eProjects
  2. On your dashboard locate My Project Center Terms and select the Term you wish to work in
  3. Students should already be members of your Project Center Term as they are added by the automated placement process. Confirm that students are correct by clicking on the Members tab. If the student list is not as expected, please contact Interdisciplinary and Global Studies (IGSD).
  4. Click on the Projects tab to add or edit projects being worked on in your program term
    • Existing project: click on project within your list
    • New project: click Add Project
    • In the Project Edit screen some information is pre-filled based on the Project Center Term you're working in (project type, academic term, work location, etc.). Add additional basic information about the project. Key fields include:
      • Status: set to Active
      • Academic Year and Term: should be set correctly for the project
      • CRN Enter Course Reference Number (CRN) if known
      • Student Qualifications
  5. Click Create project and become a member to create and save the project
  6. The project should now appear in the Projects list. You can click on the title to edit the project details at any time.

Assignment of Students to Project Center Projects

  1. Login to eProjects
  2. On your dashboard locate My Project Center Terms and select the Term you wish to work in
  3. Click on the Project Assignment tab; view all of your Projects on the left, and all Students on the right
  4. Drag and drop students into each project to assign them to the project; changes are saved automatically

Add Advisors to Projects

  1. Select the project you wish to add an additional advisor to
  2. Click on the Members tab, then click Add Member
  3. Add the person by entering their WPI username, select the Advisor role, and click Save

All Advisors of a Project may edit the project and its members.

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