Resources for Traveling Abroad

Some useful information for those traveling abroad

Before Traveling

When traveling abroad, there are certain steps you will need to take to ensure that your data remains secure and you have access to any necessary software. Some of the recommendations below change when traveling to high risk international locations.

Connect to the VPN

Download the Pulse Secure Client which will connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN). This will allow secure access to WPI systems, versus using unsecure network connections such as unencrypted public WiFi.

Download Software

Since wireless connectivity may be limited when abroad, ITS recommends downloading software needed prior to traveling.

Terminal Services

Connecting to the terminal server enables access to numerous software titles without the need to install.

Emergency Information

To ensure that emergency information reaches you, please update contact information in WPI Alerts via Rave. Some countries, such as Greece, may block access to the Rave system. To gain access, connect to the WPI VPN then use Remote Desktop to connect to As a reminder, WPI Alerts always sends to your WPI email address so be sure to check it every day.

Multifactor Authentication

The Multifactor Authenticator App must be installed and other MFA methods must be updated to use systems requiring MFA, such as Workday, when travelling outside the United States.

Mobile Phone Management

You can sign up for an international plan to make calls and text through your personal mobile phone though this may be a costly option. If you do decide to bring your personal phone but do not purchase an international plan, please be sure to switch off roaming to prevent any unsolicited costs.

Calling Services

With or without an international plan, you can use these calling services as viable communication alternatives when connected to a network:

  • Skype
  • FaceTime
  • Viber
  • GoogleVoice
  • GoogleHangout

Texting Services

These text messaging applications provide international communication through a network even without an international plan:

  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • iMessage

International Cell Service

For employees with WPI managed cellphones, please see our International Cell Service article.

Laptop Access


For students, the Academic Technology Center can make one laptop available per group traveling to project sites. In order to access a laptop for travel, students will need authorization from the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Department (IGSD) two weeks before traveling. If specialized software is needed to complete your project, inform the Academic Technology Center (ATC) when you submit your paperwork to IGSD. Other equipment categories are not available for travel.

Faculty and Staff

The ATC may make laptops available for faculty and staff for WPI authorized travel. While accommodations are made where possible, please remember that ATC equipment is primarily meant for use on the WPI campus infrastructure. Early consultation with ATC staff is very important for your travel. It is recommended that ATC laptop reservations be made no less than one week in advance of departure. Other types of equipment may not be suitable for travel.

Travel to High Risk Countries

The guidelines linked below can be utilized for all travel, but they are especially important for high risk locations. High risk countries include but are not limited to: China, Israel, and Russia.

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