Unlocking Your Account

How to unlock your account.

Account Lockout Information

Your Windows account will be automatically locked out after multiple unsuccessful login attempts. Lockouts last for 20 minutes, and while your account is locked out, you will be unable to log in to systems authenticating with your username and password.

If you have recently changed your password, below are some suggested places to update a stored password:

  • Mobile Phone Email Setting
  • Tablet Email Setting
  • Saved Internet Browser Sign-in Link

This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but is a guide to some of the more common places with a stored password

Unlocking Your Account

Needed for this process:

  • Self Service Password Verification Methods
  • Access to a non-WPI email account or a phone

Options to Unlock

Choose one of the three methods below to unlock your WPI account:

  1. Reset your WPI password to unlock your account.
  2. Wait 20 minutes for the lock to clear, then try to login again with your WPI username and password.
  3. Contact the Service Desk to unlock your account.
WPI Info
What is your Affiliation with WPI?

Include details such as which device(s), your location (on or off campus), how long the issue has been ocurring.