Update Campus Phone Extension

How to update your campus telephone extension in Banner Self Service.

This update impacts the extension displayed in the online directory and email Global Address List.

  1. Navigate to: http://bannerweb.wpi.edu and login with your WPI credentials.
  2. Select the Personal Info tab.
  3. Choose Update Address(es) and Phone(s).
  4. Select the School/Campus address. Click on Current to edit. (If a Current address does not exist, for Type of Address to Insert choose School/Campus from the dropdown, then click Submit.)
  5. For Primary Phone Number For This Address field enter:
    • Area Code: 508
    • Phone Number: 8315000
    • Extension: Your Work Extension (ex: 1234), which feeds the Automated Attendant.
  6. Click Submit.

NOTE: If you are creating the School/Campus address for the first time, make sure to input these additional required fields:

  • Valid From This Date
  • Address Line 1
  • City
  • State or Province
  • Zip or Postal Code
  • County

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