Use 4 Digit Departmental Code with OSX on Ricoh Printers

Some departments have 4-digit codes for each user of a Ricoh printer. These show the proper print job configuration to send prints using your code.


  • Active WPI username and password
  • Ricoh printer added to your OSX device
  • 4-digit code from Department Administrators


When printing a test page in Microsoft Word after configuring the printer to your device:

  1. Open the dropdown for Copies & Pages 
  2. Select Job Log 
  3. Update the following information:
    • User ID: Your WPI Username
    • Job Type: Locked Print
    • Password: Your 4-digit code
    • Check off Enable User Code
    • User Code: Your 4-digit code
  4. Open the dropdown for Presets 
  5. Select Save Current Settings as Preset...  
  6. Type the desired name for your Preset 
  7. Select OK 
  8. Select Print





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