Use O365 Forms

WPI employees and students are provided access to Office 365 Forms to create surveys, quizzes, and polls.


Through Microsoft Office 365, the Forms app is available to WPI employees and students. Benefits include:

  • Create surveys, quizzes and polls
  • Access Forms from varied devices
  • Collaborate with other WPI account holders
  • Integrate with Excel
  • Forms and responses are saved automatically


  • WPI username and password
  • Refer to WPI's Institutional Review Board for research compliance

Access Forms

The O365 Forms app can be accessed through the WPI Community Portal or

Surveys, quizzes and polls can be shared with collaborators and respondents by sharing a link.

O365 Forms can be used to gather responses from non-WPI account holders. Authors can toggle their settings to allow users outside of WPI to respond to their survey or quiz. In this case, users will be submitting responses anonymously. If you want to see who has filled out your survey or quiz, you can require respondents to fill in their names as part of your questionnaire.

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