Account Access

Your WPI username and password allow access to work remotely. You can manage your account remotely if needed!

Accounts and Access

Office 365 and Email

WPI has a subscription to the Office 365 Application suite. All Office applications, including email, are available online. Collaborate simultaneously, or work on shared documents anywhere you have network connection.

Office 365 ApplicationsOffice 365 Portal

Real Time Communication

Collaborate using Microsoft Teams with instant messaging, screen share, audio share when used with headset/microphone, and video share when used with webcam.

Get Started with Microsoft Teams


Teleconferencing, videoconferencing, and webconferencing are available via a live web conferencing tool, to conduct online class events and meetings.


Remote Resources

Get Connected

Use of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) is recommended, and also required for many resources, including accessing network drives and many library databases, to ensure data remains secure. The VPN redirects network traffic through WPI's encrypted network.

VPNNetwork StorageLibrary Resources

Connect to eduroam

Connect to the eduroam network before leaving WPI to have wireless access through eduroam on any participating university's campus.


Campus Computer

A remote desktop connection to your powered-on computer at WPI allows access to applications used by that WPI computer.

Configure Remote Settings

Terminal Server

The terminal server offers access to many software applications without the need to install them.

Access the terminal server by using your preferred remote desktop program to connect to:

Terminal Services