Microsoft Office 365 (O365) Teams is an application which combines chat features, web conferencing, file storage, and more to create the ultimate collaboration experience.


  • O365 Group - A group, mailbox, and calendar are created for communicating through email
  • SharePoint Site - All files saved within the Team are stored on an easily accessible SharePoint site
  • OneNote Integration - Notebooks are created for the channel to document information
  • O365 Planner - Integrations with Planner allow tasks to be assigned and tracked
  • Instant Messaging - Chat with individual users or groups of users
  • Web Conferencing - Remotely meet and connect with users
  • Screen Sharing - Share your screen with remote users during instant message or web conference sessions

Create an O365 Team

  1. Open Teams (Online or App)
  2. Select the Teams tab from the left bar
  3. Select "Join or create a team" from the bottom
  4. Select "Create a team"



  • Ownership - Ability to create, modify, and delete the Team
    • When the owner's WPI account is terminated, all associated Teams are also terminated. WPI recommends establishing multiple owners
  • Membership - Teams can only include internal WPI email addresses
  • Public Teams - Anyone within the organization can join the Team
  • Private Teams - Only the owner can add or approve membership requests
  • Delete - Deleting a Team removes all associated files, conversations, email, SharePoint content, etc.


  • Permissions - Members can add, edit, modify, and delete content