• Login to eProjects 2.0 (see Actions for link)
  • WPI username and password
  • Project Advisor or Editor role
    • Faculty receive Advisor role by default
    • Project Advisors can only edit or delete their own Project Opportunities
    • Editor or Advisor roles may be requested using the Request Help button
  • Required fields are marked with a red * within eProjects

Create or Edit Project

  1. Login to eProjects; click Menu icon in upper right
  2. Click Advisor
    • To create a new project choose Add Project
    • To edit an existing project choose My Projects, then select the project and click the Edit tab
  3. Complete the project opportunity form, consisting of the three sections explained below. A red * within eProjects indicates required fields.
  4. Click Save in lower left


The Description tab contains the following:

  • Type
  • Title
  • Description and Abstract: rich text fields; first paragraph of Description is default Abstract
  • Image: multiple images can be added; alternative text is required

Additional Project Details 1

The Additional Project Details 1 section generally contains the fields below. Some fields may vary due to the type of project.

  • Area of Study: multiple selections allowed
  • Work Location
  • Student Qualifications: multiple selections allowed; can be marked as Required or Preferred
  • U.S. Citizen Requirement
  • Advisor: multiple entries allowed; can be marked as Advisor or Co-Advisor
  • Team Size: can enter minimum and maximum number of students
  • Project Continuation: select to indicate the project is part of a larger program

Additional Project Details 2

The Additional Project Details 2 section generally contains the fields below. Some fields may vary due to the type of project.

  • Project Status
  • Academic Year
  • Terms
  • Academic Department
  • Sponsors
  • URL: Link to the project web site
  • CRN: Course Registration Number assigned by the Registrar...does this apply to all projects?

Advertise Project

The Project status (Advertising, Draft, Active, Registered, Finalized) appears in the upper right when viewing a project. Advertising projects appear in the search hub. Projects in Draft can only be viewed or searched by Advisors and Co-Advisors.

Project Advisors can advertise projects by:

  1. In the project, click the Edit tab.
  2. In Additional Project Details 2 for Status choose Advertising.
  3. Terms: Recurring projects can be advertised by selecting multiple academic terms
  4. Click Save in lower left.