• WPI account in good standing
  • Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) configured
  • Proper date, time, and timezone set on device
  • Safari is required for the automated installation process. Alternative browsers are not supported.
  • Desktop Mode Disabled - see second tab above for additional instructions


  1. Connect to the WPI-Open wireless network
  2. Open your web browser to
  3. Select Setup My WPI WiFi
  4. Select Sign In 


    Please ensure that the proper device type and OSX Version is selected

  5. Sign in with your WPI email address and password
  6. Select JoinNow 
  7. Go to Settingson your iOS device
  8. Select Profile Download 
  9. Select Install 

Once all steps have been completed you should be connected to the WPI Wireless network. If you are not automatically connected to WPI-Wireless, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and connect manually there.


  • In some instances, users may need to remove older WPI Profiles. To remove a profile, open "Settings -> General". Scroll down to "Profiles" and delete all WPI-Wireless profiles. Once done, rerun this procedure.

Disable Desktop Mode iOS 13

  1. In the Safari browser, click the "AA" icon to the left of the URL bar
    • If the "Request Desktop Website" option appears, you can proceed with the setup
    • If the "Request Mobile Website" option appears, click it to get the mobil version of the site. Continue with the instructions below.
  2. Open your iPhone's Settings application
  3. Open the Safari settings menu
  4. Scroll to the Settings for Websites section
  5. Open the Request Desktop Website options
  6. Ensure this is turned off to ensure the SecureW2 process can proceed