• The advisor has previously created a project and assigned students, and terms and units to the project
  • The project has been registered by the Registrar's Office
  • eProjects login
  • WPI username and password


Currently eProjects is only being used for CDR submission and approval for several Summer 2019 projects. If you have not been instructed by your advisor to submit CDR via eProjects, please use instructions and forms provided by the Registrar.

CDR Submission Process for Students:

  1. Login to eProjects.
  2. Select their project that is ready for submission, click on the Project Submission tab.
  3. Edit the project details collaboratively, or assign a single student to update the project. The same project information and files are recorded for all students. The project information includes:
    • Project Title: Limit of 60 characters on the transcript
    • Abstract: Limit of 800 characters on the transcript
    • Project Report File: Embargo and licensing options are selected per-file
    • Additional Project Files: Embargo and licensing options are selected per-file
    • Click Save.
  4. Each student completes their own project evaluation, and clicks Save.
  5. Once all project details are updated and all evaluations completed, any student may send the project to an advisor for approval.
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    • Step2

CDR Approval Process for Advisors:

  1. The advisor(s) will receive an email notification that a project CDR is awaiting their approval.
  2. Login to eProjects.
  3. Select the project in need of approval, click on the Project Submission tab.
  4. The advisor may grade each student individually on the project.
    • Optionally, a request to update all previous term grades may be made.
    • Optionally, if a student is not submitting the project for CDR credit, the advisor will uncheck the Submitting for Completion of Degree Requirements checkbox. (Students on the project who are not submitting for CDR credit at this time will need to submit via a new project in a future term.)
  5. Once all students have been graded, forward the project to the Registrar for recording by clicking Approve Project Submission.
When the Registrar has completed processing the CDR request, all students and advisors associated with the project will receive email notifications.